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Into the world of Telecom and construction Let,sCom embarked modestly. Let,sCom and its joint partners, with its eye for detail and precision has built a niche in the market of Telecom and Construction with an impressive clientele throughout the whole region.

With the demand for strategic economic growth in Middle East Region , Let,sCom company has launched a wing Let,sCom Pakistan and soon has proven to be a market leader in the region from the range of Telecom and construction companies in Pakistan.

Let,sCom is the leading Telecom andconstruction company. We have dedicated resources towards the development of our human resources and capital assets such as Telecom services and construction equipment and machinery with an insight to take larger projects.

Our diversified type of experience has allowed us to successfully complete a large number of projects for several industries in the field of Telecom andconstruction. Specialized in Telecom field like 2G, 3G and LTE technologies, RF engineering services, and Wireless Communication Solutions.

Let,sCom Pakistan is also known for its Telecom and construction capabilities which are an epitome of seamless integration of our company’s objectives, corporate culture, management & information systems as well as work-friendly infrastructure, with state-of-the-art machinery, efficient business processes and skilled work force.

Being proud of our achievements, we will continue to further add value to our commitments and capabilities in Telecom and construction industry while adhering to the highest international standards of safety and quality. Let us build your world as well.

Mushtaq Astori
Managing Director
Let,sCom Pakistan

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